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The successful implementation of organ donation hinges on the education of the masses and having more trained transplant co-ordinators. What is needed is a proactive attitude towards cadaveric organ donation, counselling for relatives for organ donation in the event of brain death, adequate hospital infrastructure, matching and distribution of the organs and co-ordination amongst hospitals. The Indian society, mired in traditional beliefs, is not very amenable to the idea of cadaver organ transplants, as they want the last rites to be performed without any damage to the bodies at all. What they fail to realise is that in a country with a long waiting list for transplants, they are spoiling the chance of somebody to lead a normal life for, say another few years, just because they want to consign the whole body to flames.
The government could make it compulsory to donate organs of brain dead patients so that the wastage of organs, and thereby shortage, is solved. One brain dead patient can help seven patients in critical stages to lead normal lives. According to cardio-thoracic surgeons the heart of a cadaver can be kept alive for five hours and can even be flown from one city to another if needs be and transplanted. Cadaver organ donation ennobles the dead through the living.
Others measures :
Enlarge panel of doctors who can certify brain death education at school and college level
Free air time on television channels for films on organ donation
Tax exemption for documentaries on organ donation
Honouring cadaver donor families
Indirect incentives to donor families
Are you aware that organs can be donated to save a life of another person?
When Can Organs be donated?
Which organs can be donated?
Do you have a relative whose organs have been donated?
Can we sell our organs (like kidney)?
Have you heard of brain death?
As the next of kin, would you be willing to donate the organ(s) of a brain dead relative?
Are you aware that a parliamentary law in India recognizes brain death as a form of death so that organs like kidneys, heart, liver and lungs can be donated to needy patients?
Do you know what is an organ donor card?
Are you willing to carry an organ donor card and express your desire about organ donation after your death?
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