Santhi Organ Donation
A Message from Anil Kumble
Each year, thousands of people die while waiting for the organ or tissue transplants needed to save their lives. Every 18 minutes, another name is added to the list of Americans waiting for life-saving transplants.
Many of these lives could be saved if more people became organ and tissue donors. That's why I'm doing my part to help in this important effort.
Now it's your turn. As a donor, you could save or improve the quality of life for more than 50 others who suffer from organ failure, bone defects, burns or blindness. Please make the decision to become an organ and tissue donor. It's the right thing to do. Even after I am gone a part of me can come back for a second spell.
Yes! I have pledged to donate my organs. What about You?
A Message from Sarath Kumar
organ donation is the noblest act one can do and it should be need a part of our culture. Along with the amassing awareness propagated through the stage shows and the heart-warming response of our young civic-conscious citizens, we as a nation of 1.2 billion, should be able to cater to the needs of the millions waiting for new organs and a new life. Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.
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