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Santhi Medical Information Center

Santhi (peace) Medical Information Centre, a charitable institution founded by Mrs. Uma Preman on Aug 24th 1997 in Guruvayur, Trichur district, Kerala, is a resource centre in all sense of the world, for those who seek medical information, treatment & financial assistance for crippling or life- threatening ailments.

Contribution to the Society

Dialysis Unit for the less privileged. 2,40,000 Dialysis carried out in 15 years.

Facilitated kidney transplants for 680 patients, 62 from the Gulf.

Continues FREE dialysis project.

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APJ Abdul Kalam Tribal Residential School

APJ Abdul Kalam Tribal Residential School is to provide quality education exclusively for tribal children, mainly from kurumba community of Attappady, in complete residential mode with superior infrastructure and resource pool. Among the three major tribal sects in Attappadi, i.e Irula, Kurumba and Muduga, the primitive most tribal group are Kurumbas who inhibit inner forest areas with deprived living standards.

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Organ Donation

Donors who have during their lifetime consented for organ donation in writing in the presence of two witnesses (at least one of whom is a near relative), should carry their donor cards with them and also express their wishes to their near and dear ones. In case of no such consent or donor pledge form was filled before death, then the authority to give consent for organ donation lies with the person lawfully in possession of the dead body.