Project Name: Low cost Prefabricated Anganwadi Project in Arunachal Pradesh

Santhi Medical Information centre has been working the District Administration of Changlang District for the construction of Prefabricated Anganwadi. The Funding of Government was 2 Lakhs to construct an Anganwadi and that amount is not sufficient. So, the District Commissioner of Changlang district came to know about our work of prefabricated building we made in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Nagaland, he invited us to build these Anganwadi using prefabricated materials. The state of old anganwadi buildings were very poor as they were built using kutcha materials 15 years back. using prefabricated buildings it can withstand for more than 20 years. Our work has been divided into two phases and first phase we have constructed 20 Anganwadis and in Second phase we have constructed 30 Anganwadis its work is still going on. All the materials for the project has been transported from Kerala as the material cost is high in the local market.


Baby care solutions is a project initiated by Santhi Medical Information Centre. From our works and journey through Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Assam, and Northeast region of India. we have seen the lack of baby care available to newborns, and this made us to bring a project to start a baby care initiative to all over India. Our project intends to provide complete care to the newborn babies of struggling parents free of cost born in Government Hospitals.This project is sanction by the Health Department of Kerala and We have the permission from many different government hospitals in Kerala to implement our project. In January 2021 as a first initiative under this project, we have provided baby care products to the newborns of Kottathara Tribal Hospital, Attappady. We are looking to expand our project all over India with the help of CSR companies.


Project Starting Date : 01/04/2019
Ending date : 15/08/2020


To generate best services, facilities and resources for the effective rehabilitation and empowerment of mentally ill persons by giving them opportunity to lead a life with minimized troubles and problems.


To provide state of art infrastructure by mobilizing and organizing the requisite best resources to translate the vision for developing knowledgeable, skilled and tuned temperament human resource for providing effective and productive facilities, resources and services to mentally ill persons for a livable life.

LIC HOUSING FOR PEACE SANTHI REHABILITATION AND NEUROCENTRE is under construction with the CSR fund of LIC HOUSING FINANCE LTD in a budget of, Rupees 4,93,66,945.00 (including operating expense of first year). This facility will provide Comprehensive treatment and care facility dedicated to cater to tribal and non tribal people with mental illness including untreated and neglected patients at the same time promoting positive mental health among the people.

Project Work Report

First Quarter April 1st to 30 th June 2019

Santhi Medical Information Centre account 1 Cr Rupees credited on 25/03/2019 from LIC HOUSING FINANCE LTD CSR fund We constructed water tank first on the site to store one lakh litre of water for the purpose of construction work. Attapadi is the reserve forest area with the wild animlas. So we build a solar fence on site to prevent wild animals entering to site. 100% of Earth work was begun nearby in April month without utilizing overwhelming hardware in light of govt rules. Be that as it may, it's hard to evacuating rocks so we utilize more labor and expel the stones in our structure territory and sum is expanded. However, it will never impact our all out spending plan, in light of the fact that a large portion of the zone we done strength column to forestall soil disintegration and land sliding.

A similar issue of soil disintegration and land slid the most pressing work of retaining wall have been introduced on each floor utilizing Boulder and Concrete to forestall site disintegration and to guarantee the wellbeing of each ground surface. The retaining wall built in all the side of rehabilitation centre to submit building license from town planning through agali panchayat. We finished our LIC apportioned eight stories retaining wall with stability pillers on June. During the establishment of the retaining Wall discovered more rocks and it needed to cost more than assigned spending sum. Subtleties included the outsider height report.

The foundation work will start simply after May 22 due to Bhoomi Pooja. Foundation work has been finished on kitchen and dining, Outpatient squares GF, Physiotherapy in quiet square and restoration square. Absolutely 85% of Foundation work of undertaking has been finished inside the utmost of assigned sum.

Basement work was completed by 89%, kitchen and dining, Outpatient blocks GF, Physiotherapy in patient block and rehabilitation block are finished. Plinth beam finished 74% of work. The plinth beam constructed with in the retain wall and foundation to prevent land sliding and soil erosion which will highly affected in attappady previous years. Because of this construction the flood did not affected our construction.

Stability Pillar work completes 34% but we already constructed stability pillars in retain wall and earth work to make it stronger and perfect to our construction. This is the reason of excess amount in retaining wall and earth work. By this we completed 75% of stability pillar work presently. So the excess amount of earth work and retaining wall will reduce from this allotted budget.

Delay of Bhoomi pooja affected our work schedule strongly. The sold Brick work we started on July month, so it completed only 17% .In our stage one we purchased 13000 solid bricks. That we use to building our kitchen and dining area and started physiotherapy blocks. Shortage of fund is effective the work and itâ??s in stopped almost.

Concealed Electrical and Plumbing work just started we completed 25% each. The reason for the solid brick work delay and shortage of funds has made it impossible to move fast. The Frames and Doors Work just started and finished 26 percent. The lack of funds is the reason of delay to purchase material to windows Frames and doors work. Bank service charges and commissions will be deducted from our opening balances. That will not Affected the actual CSR Fund.

Third Quarter October 1st to December 30 th 2019 Amount of 1 crore for the second quarter was received on November 1 st and we have to pay debts of second quarter work this period. The Earth work & foundation work 100% completed including office block, kitchen & dining area, Physiotherapy block, outpatient and inpatient block. Basement work 100% completed in kitchen and dining, outpatient blocks GF, Physiotherapy in patient block and rehabilitation block are finished. Plinth beam finished 100% in retain wall and foundation in order to prevent land sliding and soil erosion. Because Attappady is a hilly region high prevalence chances for soil erosion and land slide. Stability Pillar& retaining wall 100% work completed for making the building stronger constructed stability pillar with retain wall.

Fourth Quarter January 29th to February 29th 2020 Amount of 1 crore was received and main work done in this period are Roof work 50% completed which includes office(90%) physiotherapy block (100%) kitchen and dining (65%) and outpatient(20%). Frames for Door and windows 75% works completed which includes kitchen and dining out patient, Physiotherapy (100%) completed. First and second floor of inpatient block, office (65%) completed and works progress. Ceiling works 25% completed Physiotherapy block (100%) completed, remaining blocks ceiling works progress. Plastering 70% works completed Physiotherapy (100%) outpatient (100%), dining and kitchen (100%), office (100%) in patient block works going on. Concealed electrical (50%) and concealed plumbing (50%) works completed. Flooring and wall tile 20% completed. Plumbing and sanitary 25% work completed. Painting 50% and septic tank 50% works completed. Sewage and drainage works started.
We received an amount of 3 crore Rupees for these 4 quarters work

Our challenges

The major parts of Western Ghats lie in Attappady region; Soil erosion, landslides are rampant. Because of these environment issues safety administrate involved in these areas. The landscape with mountain is a big threat faced during this project. Because of the Bhoomi Pooja delay in first phase also affected in the II&III phase of the project. The flood and climate changes also affected the work progress in II&III Phase of the project. The lack materials and labour due to the heavy flood cause major hindrance to the construction work which in turn cause delay to the work. The construction of chittor dam made Tamil Nadu to block transportation of cement to Kerala. The emergence of Covid-19 cause further delay as our country gone into lockdown which led to stop our progress.

The project is expected to commence on 15 August 2020