Words from Legends

R Sarath Kumar

The name Santhi spells peace the selfless effort of Mrs. Uma Preman has created a medical Revolution in helping the poor.

I am happy to appreciate Santhi?s Medical Information service in conducting free dialysis throughout the State of Kerala and also for creating Organ donating awareness among the society.

The selfless service to humanity has been appreciated and recognized by many social organization and also being awarded for the same.

I take this opportunity to congratulate Srimathi Uma Preman to continue her Humanitarian endeavors and wish her all the best in all her future efforts

Nita Ambani

Each one of these achievers has left a huge impact on thousands of men and women and has transformed lives by perseverance, passion for a cause.

Aamir Khan

There is very few of us who put aside our own goals and think about others: and this ability to care for other people, their requirements or their needs is really special.


These are the real heroes who have climbed the Mount Everest," Tendulkar said of the award recipients. "I take a bow and I would ask everyone to put their hands together for them. They are the real heroes.