Other Projects


In 2014, SMIC set off Attappadi Welfare Project realizing the pathetic living conditions of tribal community in the region. Our project identifies the root causes and the core areas for improvement in the villages. SMIC initially adopted two hamlets (Down Agali Ooru & Agali Kandiyur Ooru) in Attappadi as Santhi Gramam and brought in all around development activities which are currently being extended to other hamlets. The focus is upon the five core sectors i.e. Education, Sanitation, Health, Employment and Agriculture among which Education is given utmost priority and importance.

Santhi Gramam

There are 192 tribal hamlets in Attappadi and our project runs successfully within two hamlets i.e, Down Agali Ooru and Agali Kandiyur Ooru. We strive but run successfully with the support of few
Good hearted people and presently expand the project to other hamlets. We identify the causes and the core areas for improvement in the villages and implement developmental measures and steps from the bottom level.

A P J Abdul Kalam International Residential Tribal School is the extension project of SMIC?s (Santhi medical Information Centre) Attappadi Welfare Project. Our past three years? (2014-17) welfare activities in the region could bring better living conditions to the community in terms of infrastructure facilities, education, health, employment, hygiene & sanitation etc. But in the bottom line, the fact is, the tribal people are more inclined to their lethargic way of life addicted to drugs and laziness with little interest to work, learn or to live self-sufficiently due to their long rooted and habituated way of unprivileged, exploited, oppressed and marginalized life. They resort back to their miserable lifestyle, the moment the external rehabilitation facilities are stopped. Lack of solid basics in education restrains them to excel in higher studies, which was reaffirmed to us when tried to give entrance coaching [ Students of GHSS Sholayur ] and IAS coaching to selected students of Attappady. Only solution is the sustainable development of the community through education and the hopes resides with the upcoming generation.

Core Sectors Development

Hygiene & Sanitation

  • In Agali Kandiyur Ooru, Santhi built 75 toilets and bathroom facilities. The water source was renovated and established 5 large water storage tank and taps.
  • In Down Agali Ooru (Agali Panchayat) Santhi built 18 toilets for the tribal homes which lack sanitation facilities. Also created hygiene awareness among villagers. Proper waste management solutions are implemented.
  • Drinking water problem is resolved by establishing Water Storage Tanks and Taps and the village premises are made clean by solving water blockage issues.
  • Houses are refurbished with added facilities and cleanliness. Disconnected electricity connections are restored.


  • Santhi provided necessary infrastructure facilities for the 20 Multi Grade learning Centers (MGLC) in Attappadi. Among them PuliyamChala Centre was completely renovated and Kathirampathy Centre was partially renovated. Necessary facilities like Toilets, Drinking Water, Electricity, Furniture, Dress, Painting, Smokeless Oven etc. were facilitated in other centers.
  • Santhi selected 12 students and send them to PC Thomas Centre for higher education entrance coaching.
  • Santhi selected 9 students who have keen interest in higher learning and facilitated them college admission, academic counseling and ensured the continued financial support for studies.
  • SMIC could raise and channelize an approximate sum of 20,00000 INR for the uplift of schools in Attappadi, for providing drinking water, health, educational assistance and sanitation facilities

Self Sufficiency

  • Santhi established three SSI units to provide training and guidance for self employment and small scale undertakings to those who discontinued education and over 18 years old.
  • These units give training in making disposable plates and bowls out of dried betel tree leaves. Also sanitary napkin making, tailoring are another units specialized for women.
  • Santhi is also taking initiatives for introducing productive cultivation techniques for the villagers in the available land in the village.


  • Low cost cultivation suitable for the geographical conditions of Attappadi is implemented by Santhi in the available land.
  • Organic farming of Papaya in 4 acres, Drumstick in 3 acres, and Banana in 3 acres are conducted here.
  • Other vegetables that are cultivated in organic way include Yam and Colocasia (Chemb) in one acre, Pumpkin, Tapioca and Ash gourd in one acre, Snake gourd and Bitter gourd in one acre, Beans, Ladies Finger and Toor Dal in one acre, Tomato, Chilly and Brinjal in one acre.
  • Farm School Concept is another initiative from Santhi that covers Wormy Compost, Diary Farming, Poultry Farming, Fish Farming and Mushroom farming.

The School is registered under the Vidyadhanam Educational Trust who will be managing the funding requirements of the School. An Academic Advisory Committee consisting of professionals and subject experts chaired by Secretary of the Trust will be advising on the academic and expediting aspects of A.P.J Abdul Kalam Tribal Residential School. The Authority will be responsible for monitoring academic and infrastructure developments, review and adjust day to day operations. The objectives of the mission will be implemented through steering committees without amendments or alterations other than enhancing the deliverables.

Tribal Youth Centred Initiatives

The young generation is the hope and future of any community. SMIC intends to help and guide the aspiring tribal students and youth to reach and explore their future.

Education Support Scheme

The project is aimed to support the education sector of Attappadi by supplementing the educational needs of the students. Under this project,

  • 5 Graduates are sent to Triune Academy for 1 year IAS Coaching
  • A tribal student is sponsored for higher studies in Pondichery University for 5 year integrated MA political science.
  • Santhi Institute, the parallel educational centre is set up to provide free tuition to High School and higher secondary students in Attappadi

Nutteen project

The project is launched to mitigate the malnutrition problems among the adolescent girls in the community. The initiative put forth a consistent and viable solution by distributing one papaya sapling & a hen each among the 125 girls in IHRD College which helps them to find long term sources of nutrition supplements in home.

Adolescent Health & Menstrual Hygiene Management Project

The project facilitates the tribal girl students to have better menstrual hygiene and private access to menstrual hygiene products. Santhi distributes sanitary napkins made in our tribal units among the school and college students as a part of this program. Also, incinerators (Napkin Destroyer) are set up in the schools and for college students.

Knowledge Villa Project

Knowledge can empower the upcoming generation of the tribal community. Knowledge Villa Project is to inculcate the habit of reading and thereby promoting the value of education and knowledge among the students in Attappadi tribal villages. A digital library promoting visual communication and a vast library is being seated up with 1 lakh reading materials in the region.

Sports & Cultural club

Santhi Medical Information Centre launched the idea of Sports and Cultural club with a view to tap the hidden talent of youths in tribal hamlets. It puts emphasis on encouraging sports and cultural club activities, arranging tournaments in rural and tribal areas of Attappadi. The project seeks to inculcate the social norms and values in tribal youth group by developing a sense of responsibility and good conduct among them. It can enhance the tribal talents and make them explore the opportunities with a chance of employment, promoting socio-cultural interactions as well.

Support the Future

Attappadi Welfare Project is successfully implemented so far only through the support and care of our well-wishers. We humbly wish for your support to extend the project to the remaining 190 hamlets. You can also be the part of this noble cause. We welcome you to hold our hands in this initiative and together we can kindle the hopes of a brighter future in the people of Attappadi.

International Residential school for tribes

In the light of the activities organized in Attappadi, Santhi realized that the sustainable development of tribes in Attappadi can be attained only through education so is the notion of Tribal Residential School unleashed for a better future. This is a platform to facilitate the capabilities of tribal students where we train the students from primary level to the higher classes. Students exposed to vast opportunities serve them to achieve broader outlook.