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Life-threatening diseases often demands organ transplantation as the final remedy to save life. Availing organs with willing donors is always a Himalayan struggle while saving a life. But if people are aware about this life-saving mission we can save numerous patients from death bed.

Our mission is to bring awareness and information about the need and aspects of organ donation to encourage people to become organ donors. The awareness programme is propagated through street drama "Punarjini" and another stage plays "Avayava Mahayudham".
SANTHI conducted an Organ Donation Awareness program at Guruvayur in which our goodwill ambassador Mr. R. Sarath Kumar, M.L.A. TENKASI and Sri Babu M.Palisseri M.L.A. Kunnamkulam announced their willingness to donate their organs and stating organ donation is the noblest act one can do in one's life and it should be made as the part of our value system and culture for the humanity. "I will never want to be at somebody's mercy to donate me their organ due to my uncontrolled lifestyle", affirmed Mr. Sarath Kumar at the function.